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Today is Monday, October 25, 2021

Positive Attitude Quote for today:

Being different isn't a bad thing, It means you're brave enough to be yourself.



The weather today will be sunny with a high of 51 degrees.

Today's snack will be  bananas.

Today's main dish  will be burritos with cheese sauce, vegetable and/ or salad bar and milk.


Tuesday's breakfast will be French toast sticks and/or cereal, fruit and/or fruit juice and milk.


Tuesday's lunch Menu will be spaghetti with meat sauce, fruit or vegetable, salad bar and milk.


Red Ribbon Week starts today. Red Ribbon Week honors the life of U.S. Drug Enforement Administration Special Agent Enrigue "Kiki" Camerena for working to prevent drug use. Remember to only put good things in our bodies, make good choice, say no to drugs, show others you love them, don't bully, be kind to everyone.


-Following are the dress up days-

Monday-Red Out: The Me I want to Be is Drug Free!

Wear red from head to toe to kick off our support of National Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday-Be you, Be True Day- Drug Free Looks Like Me!

Wear what makes you-you!  P.J.s , wacky socks, your favorite sweater, your favorite jersey, a fancy dress, your favorite TV character-whatever shows the world something fun about you.

Wednesday-Hero Day: I have power to be drug free!

Dress up like a super hero.  Choose from one of your favorite TV/movie/ comic heroes, create a unique super hero, or dress like someone who is a real life hero to you.

Thursday-Career Day:  Drug Free 24/7 365 for a lifetime! Drugs are scary!         

What do you what to be when you grow up? Fireman, Police Officer, Lawyer, Astronaut, Teacher, Doctor, Artist….the options are limitless.


Lemmon elementary student council is sponsoring an essay and color/ design contest for  Red Ribbon Week for  students in grades K-5.  These are due on Tuesday, October 26th.

                                                                                                                    ~The Cowboy Way~

W-We never give up

A-Always consider others.

Y-Yes, We take of ourselves!


Have a Great Day and GO BIG BLUE!!!!!